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Blue Building and Sky

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Gladstone Commercial (NASDAQ:GOOD) is a diversified equity REIT that owned a portfolio of 135 properties spread across 17.1 million square feet and 27 states, mainly in the Southeastern U.S. as of the end of the fourth quarter of 2023. GOOD focuses on$0.10 per share

Preferred series Discount to liquidation price ($25) Annualized distribution Yield on cost % Call date
6.00% Series G Cumulative Preferred Stock (NASDAQ:GOODO) -18.5% ($20.38) $1.5 7.36% 6/28/2026
6.625% Series E Cumulative Preferred Stock (NASDAQ:GOODN) -7.6% ($23.11) $1.66 7.17% 10/04/2024

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